Blood Is Thicker Than Water Narrative Essay

Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water. :

Blood relationship is always found to be stronger and more valuable than mere friendship formed through acquaintance. Blood ties are lasting. They have a firmer bond of affection than all other relationships. Friends may be sincere and willing to help. But they have got their limits. They often stop when they find themselves to be in troubled waters. But blood relatives such as father, mother, brother or sister will stand by our side risking even their necks. They in fact are our true allies. There might be exceptions to this rule. But true and sincere friends are often hard to get. Even if they are true and sincere, we cannot expect the greatest sacrifice from them. They give more importance to their own kith and kin. So even if true and sincere friendship is to be given due credit, we should value blood ties more. The most unselfish service is often got from our kith and kin than from friendship formed through acquaintance. They last longer and are often found to be stronger than the latter.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

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The idiom indicates that family and blood ties are more important and stronger than any other relationship. Every other relationship have limitations, they can love and are there by your side but within boundaries. But, on the other hand, family surpasses all the limitation and boundaries to support you. Relationships like friends may be true and sincere, but the kind of sacrifice your family can make for you, no other can, not even friends.


Family is so important that if both the parents of a child passes away, the next closest relative is looked for. For any case in hospital, only the family members are allowed to admit the patient and take decisions on their behalf. Such is the trust on the family. This has continued from a primitive age till today that indicates a fundamental or qualitative difference about the relationship that we share with our family and that we share with our friends. The bond that siblings share in between them, growing together in the same family, is way different and stronger than any other bond.


But how much of it is true in the modern time. The families have become smaller. The joint families have broken into several nuclear families. Both the parents are often busy working to keep the ends together. Children are often left unattended, devoid of the affection and love of the family. More than their mother, they feel a bonding with their nanny. As they grow, they find the refugee in the friendships. And we can’t deny that some of the friendships evolve into a relationship stronger and more giving than family.


Today, there are situations. At times two siblings don’t like each other and can’t stand their presence but still, they had to stay together because of the family ties. Some even depend on their siblings for immediate help and some even don’t have siblings. In such cases they depend on their friend. Sometimes, the ignorance of parents make the ties of friendship so strong that the kids even rebel and go against their family.


In the time of competition, family burdens their child with expectations; one sibling is compared to the other. The weaker one is judges and made to feel incompetent. They, in turn, turn to friends, who don’t judge them. The kids often forget the difference of right from wrong and land in a mess. And most of the times, it is the family that bails them out. No matter how disappointed they are in them, they stand strong for their kids. And sometimes, it’s the true friends that do the same for them. Today, there are different reactions of the different family in different situation.


In today’s era, with today’s family situation and picture, the idiom doesn’t hold as true as the day it was given. Times have changed, situation today are different that what they used to be. Family values and ethics have changed. Blood isn’t always thicker than water. But to what extent, it is still immeasurable.

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