Mysticism And Logic And Other Essays By Bertrand Russell

and LogicAnd Other Essaysby
Bertrand Russell


Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays is a collection of essays written and edited by Nobel Prize winning author Bertrand Russell. Russell was a heralded British philosopher, historian and mathematician, as well as a well-published author, and is considered one of the great minds of the 20th century. In this collection, Russell challenges romantic mysticism while promoting a logical and mathematics-based approach to interpreting the world around us.

The collection opens with one of Russell's most well known essays, Mysticism and Logic, in which the author explains his worldview and the need for logic when interpreting life. Nine more essays follow this one, and touch on a range of topics including mathematics, life and death, plurality, the nature of existence, intelligence, and science's role in a liberal education. The first five essays of this collection are "entirely popular" according to Russell, whereas the final four are "somewhat more technical." Despite this disclaimer, the layman will still find these essays readable.

Russell writes with a clarity and voice that is rare amongst philosophers. Indeed, his work is some of the most accessible of the important philosophical musings of recent times. While technical and precise, the author still writes in a popular style that will appeal to all readers. His words are insightful and moving, and will resonate deeply with the contemplative reader.

Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays is one of the great philosophical works of modern times. It is a must read for all those who enjoy philosophy, mysticism, and logic. Russell has achieved a great feat with this book, and it is one that should be read and digested by all. Highly recommended.


The essay on Mysticism and Logic appeared in the Hibbert Journal for July, 1914. The Place of Science in a Liberal Education appeared in two numbers of The New Statesman, May 24 and 31, 1913. The Free Man's Worship and The Study of Mathematics were included in a former collection (now out of print), Philosophical Essays, also published by Messrs. Longmans, Green 81 Co. Both were written in 1902; the first appeared originally in the Independent Review for 1903, the second in the New Quarterly, November, 1907. In theoretical Ethics, the position advocated in The Free Man's Worship is not quite identical with that which I hold now: I feel less convinced than I did then of the objectivity of good and evil. But the general attitude towards life which is suggested in that essay still seems to me, in the main, the one which must be adopted in times of stress and difficulty by those who have no dogmatic religious beliefs, if inward defeat is to be avoided.

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