Network Security Dissertations

I am working on my Master's degree in security and need to start my thesis on information security, in particular...

network infrastructure. Can you suggest some good topics to write about in my thesis project?

I wish I were back in school, because there are so many choices out there for a good project. Here are some suggestions for you:

* The basis for all security is policy and how to create an effective one for all levels -- executives, network professionals, system administrators and consultants. How do you build a change management program to stem security flaws that lead to potential vulnerabilties?

* How do you educate employees for security awareness? Where does that begin? How does a resource starved business unit build a plan to test the level of information security? (I could go on, but I think that's a good start)

* Could or should the mission of CISOs be to raise the level of information security in the enterprise? How to do they get there? What does it take to build an effective program? How do you transform a network specialist into a network and security specialist?

* Viruses, worms, Trojan horses -- What's next? Add IP/URL spoofing and identity management to the first three, and now things are getting deep. If these issues are the next threats, what should companies be doing to head this off at the pass?

* Security event correlation and alert response: How does a company build a plan, and what metrics (if you can find any) can be applied?

Also, take a look at the security books being published today to see what's popular and go from there. Good luck!


The Top 20 Successful Dissertation Topics On Network Security

Dissertations are one of the most important aspects of higher education. Traditionally used by doctoral programs, undergraduate and graduate schools are increasingly using this assignment to test the knowledge of students. When it comes to network security, many academic programs require students to complete a dissertation before they graduate. The exact essay question or assignment may be set by a professor, or it may be the student's choice. No matter what students need to do to complete their degree, the following 20 dissertation topics can help to foster ideas about a potential dissertation project on network security.

The Top 20 Successful Dissertation Topics

  1. How can a distributed file sharing system be designed and used so that it supports the best content mobility as well as disconnection tolerant communication?

  2. Students can conduct a dissertation on actual performance studies that compare Ethernet LANDs and VoIP.

  3. Using a programmatic approach, students can analyze network security.

  4. How do a variety of security mechanisms impact a consumer's trust in conducting banking transactions online?

  5. Research the different ways of applying database technologies in the realm of managing network data.
  6. Write a dissertation that considers ways of developing a secure runtime environment that helps to study the behavior of worms and viruses.

  7. What are the current problems with emerging 4G wireless networks?

  8. How can someone create an Intrusion Detection System that efficiently operates on 4G networks?

  9. How can data transfer become secured on Wi-Fi networks?

  10. How can companies plan for the migration of services to a 4th generation wireless network?

  11. How can a Network Monitoring tool be designed that offers security and scalability that also uses hibernates and struts?

  12. What are the best ways of managing peer-to-peer applications that stream live? Are there better ways?

  13. While looking at intrusion detection systems, students should analyze the usage of multiple gateways.

  14. Compare redundancy and fault recovery in both 4G wireless networks and real-time wireless networks.

  15. Consider the current adoption of mobile data services in the United States. What will the future requirements be for these services?

  16. When developing ICT systems, what are the available methodological and strategic approaches that can be used?

  17. Take a look at computer programs and web cameras. Are web cameras viable as an input device?

  18. In the context of wireless sensor networks, research the best router placements.

  19. How does the signal strength impact the entire Wi-Fi link?

  20. Evaluate current and possible frameworks for a structured overlay network.

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