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Body Language Essay

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Body Language

1.1 What is Body Language?

Body Language is the unspoken communication that goes on in every Face-to-Face conversation with another person. It tells you their true feelings towards you and how well your words are being received.

Between 50% of our message is communicated through our Body Language

40 % tone of our voices and 10% only are our words.

Your ability to read and understand another person's Body Language can mean the difference between making a great impression or a very bad one! Reading someone body language can help you in a job interview, that meeting, or special date!

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1.2 Body language in social life

- A guide to male body language

Body language will always give you away. Learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of a man who's interested in you and you'll never be left guessing again!

The Approach

If a man is interested, as he approaches you he will pull in his tummy, puff up his chest and stand taller. Then the preening begins...!

The preening begins!

The preening begins...Preening

This will take the form of:

Reaching for his throat and straightening his tie

Smoothing his collar

Brushing imaginary dust from his shoulder

Rearranging his shirt, cufflinks or other clothing

Smoothing his hair

Thumbs in belt

Key signs he's interested

Hooking his thumbs in his belt

This highlights the genital region and says 'I'm virile'.

(When used with other men this means they are staking their territory and showing that they're not afraid).

Foot pointed toward you!

Foot pointed towards you Body positioning

Body positioning is key; if he's interested he'll turn his body towards you. If you're standing or sitting in a group look at his feet, if one or both of them are pointing in your direction it's a good sign.

It's all in the eyes...

Holding your

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The Importance of Body Language in Personal Communication Essay

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The Importance of Body Language in Personal Communication

Personal communication is aided by many factors other than simply speech. The main contribution to speech in personal communication is body language, most of which is unconscious.

Body language is one of three aspects of Non Verbal Communication. The other two are Paralanguage and Appearance.

Body language, as a whole is made up of every movement that our body makes that conveys communication to others. According to Michael Argyle Body language is made up of eight codes, these are:

« Touch

« Proximity

« Orientation

« Head Nods

« Facial Expression

« Gesture

« Posture

« Eye Contact

The first,…show more content…

Also body language conveys extra meaning and information when communicating. For example; if someone asked where a shop is and didn't know their left from right, the person giving the directions could use gestures (a form of body language) to help show the person.

"The shop is over to the right" [Points to the right] .

Body language can give away an enormous amount of information about a situation a person may be in. Just from the way you stand or more obviously your facial expression people can tell how you are feeling and what you may be thinking. It is important therefore that someone communicating knows this and knows who can see them, as it's possible to tell this from a distance. So, obviously everyone that can see you can view your body language.

Body language can be interpreted differently by different people. Hence It is substantial to make sure people know what you are trying to say and they understand completely. But this is not always possible. An example of misinterpretation would be; When someone says "Yeah, I love maths" in a bored expression (no tone) with a slumped posture. Most people would understand this as being sarcastic but some may really think that the person loves maths. It is all to do with how the receivers interpret what has been said. Often as in this case by the paralanguage but this is aided heavily by the body

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