Pro Engineer Homework

Maple & MapleSim: Essential Tools for Students

Finish your assignments faster, improve your understanding of even the most difficult subjects, and explore on your own. Student products give you exactly the same software as the professional versions, but at a student price!

  • Improve your grades. From double-checking assignment answers before handing them in to deepening your conceptual understanding so you do better on tests, Maple helps you get better grades.

  • Increase your confidence. Aren't always sure if you're on the right track? With Maple, you can check your solutions as you work through practice problems and develop your intuition through visualizations and "what if" explorations, so you can be confident in your understanding.

  • Save time. Maple is cheaper than many graphing calculators, is easier to use, and does more.

  • Save money. Maple is cheaper than many graphing calculators, is easier to use, and does more.

    And if you are an engineering student, you can also...

  • Learn to design products like a pro. MapleSim lets you try out complex, real-world design problems, connecting the concepts you are learning in school to model behavior using a modern, industry-proven tool.

* Students will gain an understanding of the major manufacturing processes, including machining, casting, forming, assembly, surface treatment, plastics processing, and inspection.

* Students will develop the ability to use 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software and create part models, assemblies, and drawings.  Pro/ENGINEER will be our CAD software.

* Students will understand  computer numerical control, how to write NC programs, and how to create NC programs with CAD/CAM software.

* Students will understand CAD/CAM technologies and create physical parts.

* Students will understand engineering graphics principles and how designs are communicated in industry. They will develop the ability to interpret engineering drawings.

* Students will understand the relationships between customer desires, project materials, product design, and manufacturing process selection. The will develop an appreciation of product design and manufacturing process trade-offs.

* Students will be able to look at products and determine how they were manufactured and why?

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